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If you want someone to “market my property in Cumberland County,” I’m a pro. For more than a decade as a licensed broker in this area, I’ve helped my clients succeed in selling their homes for top dollar. I’ll be happy to show you the steps to your success on a free consultation, with no commitment.

First, we’ll strategize the steps to getting your home to competition status. We’ll start by researching bank appraisals records and recent sales on the MLS to arrive at an accurate sale price, a list of other homes for sale, and the amount of buyer activity to support the expense of preparing your home to outpace the competition.

I’ll calculate a budget for making critical repairs needed to pass a bank inspection, so you can have the advantage of offering buyer financing. This is dynamite. With some aesthetic improvements such as staging and curb appeal, I can showcase your home to qualified buyers in my network. This is part of my professional process to drive bodies to showings so I can negotiate for top dollar.

So, if you want someone to “market my property in Cumberland County,” then visit my website or call my office to schedule a time when we can just chat. As we discuss your home and your plans for what comes next, it’ll help me consider options and strategies to help you succeed in life, calculate the proceeds for the purchase of the next home purchase, and so on. The info is free either way.

Helpful tips: https://home.howstuffworks.com/real-estate/selling-home/house-selling.htm

  • Learn to “market my property in Cumberland County” on a free call with a local real estate broker with expertise in strategizing home sales in this area.

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